Sunday, August 7, 2016

Photo Diary of my Time at the 2016 TCRWP August Writing Institute, New York City

Oh what an incredible week of learning, sharing, connecting, and most importantly- being challenged! It's so funny how this California girl always feels completely at home in New York City.  My week in New York at The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has come to an end.  I am now armed with so many new insights and ideas as I move back into the classroom this coming school year.  Rather than write about them all (which would take more time than I have at the moment), I offer a photo diary.  Enjoy, friends... 

Listening to Lucy Calkins open institutes at
Riverside Churchnever never gets old- I am a smarter
person every time I hear her talk! 

My SketchNotes of Lucy's Opening Keynote 

Too often in education, we put the shiny new tool or the cute
poster ahead of actual student need.   I was so lucky to spend an
entire week learning with Audra Robb.  Audra helped us learn new
ways to make reading/writing connections to strengthen our teaching.

Here are two of the tools I made during Audra's session.  I looked to
literature for inspiration, and most importantly, I thought of a few
typical needs that have popped up in the past for my students.

 A big treat this week was hearing a keynote from 
author, Jack Gantos. What an inspiring writer! I'll let
 my SketchNotes below speak for themselves.

So, I have to just throw this one in for fun!  It was so great
connecting with two of my wonderful Palo Alto teaching
colleagues over great food and conversation at Eataly
 in NYC!  You can't go to New York without making
room for a little fun! 

Finally, I was ridiculously fortunate to spend my afternoons during the week with my writing teacher hero, Colleen Cruz.The SketchNotes above are not from our week long session on Access, rather they're from her hour keynote on grammar- quite the hot topic in the writing workshop right now.  This coming year, I am making changes to how I teach grammar!  I will actually teach it instead of just "cover" it.  Plus, I am so excited to think about access when it comes to everything I do and plan in the classroom this year...  More on that later!

Thank you for the absolutely fantastic week, TCRWP!  I am a better teacher because of every single one of you at the project!

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  1. Awesome post. I love the combination of the photos and the sketchnotes. So much inspiration at #TCRWP Writing Institute! Can't wait to see how your learning plays out in your classroom!


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