Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to the Classroom! Setting Up, Day 2

Well, it wasn't pretty, but it was very productive.  Nearly all the boxes are unpacked, the library is coming together, a writing center has surfaced, and a little planning for the first week even took place!  A ton of progress has been made since day 1 of set up for the new school year. 

Again today, the photos are not Pinterest-worthy, and my writing may not be the most eloquent.  However, here it is.  Here is the real, raw reality of day two of new classroom set up for the new school year... 

Back to the Classroom! Setting Up, Day 2

By the Numbers

  • Time of arrival: 9:15AM
  • Time of Departure: 6:35PM
  • Time for Lunch: Oops... forgot to eat until 2:30ish (that never happens!). Ate my Trader Joe's salad in about 10 minutes. 
  • Time spent chit-chatting: 20ish minutes- I was so excited to catch up with colleague/friends- I had to stop and chat! 
  • Money Spent at Target: $0
  • Money Spent on Amazon.com: $206
  • Steps Recorded by Fitbit: 10,124 (4.56 miles) A lot of time was spent sitting and sorting through piles of books in the classroom library. 
  • Furniture Moved & Boxes Unpacked: Almost everything is unpacked! 
  • Finger nails broken: 2
  • Lamps acquired in order to ditch the fluorescent lights:
  • Money Spent on Lamps: $0
  • Days Until Students Arrive: 7

By the Photos, 3:00 PM

Panorama: taken at 3:00.

I'm using this awkward corner as a teacher/student work
area. It's coming together! On the right is my first lamp.
Down in front are boxes that I'm going to turn into portable
standing work stations.  Standing desks are upwards of $300.
Boxes are free.

This area will be the fiction section of the classroom library.

These countertops will house the nonfiction section of the classroom library. 

By the Photos, 6:30 PM

Panorama: taken at 6:30. Notice the table tops... fewer boxes.
A writing center is coming together.  This makes me especially happy!

Supply area: What is it about unwrapping and organizing school supplies
that always, without fail, brings an intense sense of satisfaction? 

What's even more satisfying than organizing new school supplies?
You guessed it- organizing the classroom library!

And we have a fantasy/sci-fi section started! *Please ignore the dots...
students will receive that same plea.  They mean nothing.  All of these
books have been in so many classrooms and through so many different
re-orgs. The dots are now meaningless.  I can't even remember what
they used to mean! 
Old Favorites!  Such a fun and accessible addition to the library-
adding favorite books from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade to the library.
(Kari, our idea is coming to fruition!  More on that later, friends).

Trying to give historical fiction a little more emphasis than in the past.
Here's a start!

And, this is how I left it.

Until tomorrow, friends.

Good night 

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  1. Christina,
    As much as I love your "By the Numbers" - my favorite part today is the bookshelf of "Old Favorites". What a welcoming way to reconnect with a book that you or your friend has previously read! <3


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