Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to the Classroom! Setting Up, Day 1

After two years of traveling between 8 schools, coaching/teaching/conferring/observing/LEARNING in over 100 classrooms, and calling a desk my home, I followed my heart back to the classroom! I am just thrilled to say that I am now a full time staff member at Lucille Nixon Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA.  More specifically, I am a fifth grade classroom teacher.  I am so excited to return to my true love, my calling, my home away from home- the classroom! 

Like all classroom teachers on their first day of setting up the room after summer break, especially setting up in a new-to-me classroom, I can honestly say that I am physically and mentally beat.  My head is swollen with a million ideas, my legs, feet, and shoulders are throbbing, and my fingers are stained with permanent marker.   However, my heart could not be more full.   I am back where I belong.  I am back in the classroom!  

Over the weekend, I came up with the idea to write about my day by day journey back into the classroom.  However, due to my current state of pure exhaustion colliding with my nature of documenting and sharing my journey as an educator,  rather than presenting a Pinterest-worthy display of photos and witty remarks, I'm going to give you the real deal.  Here it is in all its unedited, unposed, #nofilter glory!  Here's what it really looks like to set up a classroom after a few years... 

Back to the Classroom! Setting Up, Day 1

By the Numbers

  • Time of arrival: 10:00AM
  • Time of Departure: 6:03PM
  • Time for Lunch: 15 minutes of quickly scarfing down food with my extremely helpful and kind grade level partner, Stacey! 
  • Money Spent at Target: $160
  • Steps Recorded by Fitbit: 13,808 (6.2 miles) Keep in mind, there were no extra walks, runs, or anything of the sort.
  • Furniture Moved & Boxes Unpacked: Umm... everything and who knows! Too many to track.
  • Days Until Students Arrive: 8

By the Photos, 10:15 AM

Panorama: taken within my first hour setting up the classroom.

Blank walls! I'm thinking I may change the red,
but will keep the other colors. 

Thinking I may change the yellow in favor of a cool color:
green, blue, grey perhaps? 

Gotta ditch the fluorescent lights!
Must find lamps! 

This will be the meeting area- eventually!

By the Photos post Lunch, 2:00 PM

To achieve my goal of cozy and welcoming,
naturally, an excursion to Target was necessary!
$160 later... 

By the Photos, 6:00 PM

Panorama: 6:00, boxes partially unpacked (contents not yet
organized), furniture moved, teacher exhausted! 

Yes, this is progress. 

More progress.

You guessed it- the progress continues! This will
become part of the classroom library.

The meeting area is coming together- seriously,
those fluorescent lights have got to go.

While I'm extremely tired, achey, and just a little braindead at the moment, I can't remember the last time my heart was so full and my mind was so clear about what's to come. Truly, I am just so incredibly happy to be back where I belong- in the classroom.  Stay tuned for day two tomorrow! 

Happy Back to School, Friends! 


  1. Your room looks great so far and it's so large! I can't wait to see the end result. I always like when I get a sneak peek into another classroom.

  2. Sound like you're ready for a great year...or at least on your way there! I am moving classrooms and dread having to go haul all of my stuff out of the library and into my new classroom. It's as bad as moving to a new house! I keep thinking I am just going to give all of my stuff away and become one of the those teachers who has nothing to move around. But more than half of my stuff is books, so that's unlikely to actually happen. :)

  3. Congrats on the switch Christina! I think our new curriculum coordinator can relate to your feelings about missing the classroom. Best of luck getting set up - those kids will be lucky to have you!! Hope to see you at a CUE or another conference this year!


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