Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Inspiration #2: Collaboration and The Amazing Brain!

It's Monday- time for a little start of the week inspiration!  Today, I'd like to share two blog posts that have truly touched me in different ways over the past week. Rather than give my detailed thoughts on each one, I'll give a quick intro and let you enjoy for yourself! 

Monday Inspiration #2: Collaboration & The Amazing Brain!

This first post was written by a dynamic partnership: 3d grade teacher, Jill DeRosa and Literacy Coach, Jenn Hayhurst.  In the post, Jill and Jenn so eloquently describe how they reached one of their students through collaborating, building on strengths, and continually reflecting. It is truly an inspirational read for any teacher, who at any point in time, just needed a little support (I think that describes all of us!).  Here is their wonderful post: 

My second source of inspiration came from my friend Susie Rolander, or more specifically, from her nine year-old daughter, Charlie. In this post, Susie, a elementary reading specialist and adjunct professor at Bank Street College of Education, described how their roles reversed one day. Charlie taught Susie a lesson about how "each little person's brain works differently."  I am certain you'll enjoy Susie's words and Charlie's spirit and motivation as much as I did: 

I do have to say that perhaps the most wonderful thing about writing an education blog has been the world of connections it has opened for me through discovering the ideas and thoughts of other educator-writers who I highly admire and respect.  In the world of education, truly we are much better together than we are separately.  My Monday Inspirations are my way of saying thank you and giving just a little bit back to those educators who make me better- better as a teacher, coach, and even as a person! Thank you to Jill, Jenn, Susie, and Charlie, too! 

Enjoy the week ahead, friends! 

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