Monday, July 13, 2015

Unplugging from Education... A Much Needed Break

For the first time in years, and by years, I mean in my entire adult memory, I am on vacation.  One week ago, I completely unplugged from all-things-school, and I am truly feeling myself becoming relaxed.  When I head back to work, I will be completely rejuvenated and ready for the new school year to start.  Teachers, I implore you, please take a true break, a physical, mental, and emotional break from school at some point before you head back.  While my true break is only two weeks in length, I can already tell that it is making all the difference.  On July 21st when I head back to work (yes, that early!), I will be fully ready to ramp up for the new school year.

This break has also included being on vacation from writing my blog, tweeting about education, reading professional books and articles, and anything school-related at all.  Honestly, I've never felt healthier, and dare I say, happier!    Right now, there are 55 unfinished drafts sitting in my blog's dashboard. Honestly, I've abandoned most of them.  Of the 55, only eight are working drafts.  I simply had too much going on in my little world to truly finish anything worth sharing.  After my break, I'll be relaxed and ready to look at my writing with refreshed eyes, and more importantly, a refreshed point of view.

Next week, when my break comes to a close, I look forward to sharing all the gems I learned during my two weeks in New York at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Summer Institutes.  I also am excited to share my reflection on lab days, which were the in-class professional development days that partially shaped my identity as a first-year literacy coach.  Plus, I have so many new ideas and insights that I need to transform into the written word.  Until then, I'm back to enjoying my beautiful city by the bay and then am off to Tahoe in a couple days to end this much needed break in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  

My Bike & My Bridge- Pure Happiness

Happy summer, friends! 

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