Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inspiration Found: Teachers Rock!

Yesterday, I was fortunate to lead a session at the Fall CUE conference about seamless ways to integrate technology into an elementary school reading and writing classroom.  While I could say many things about this session or the other great sessions I attended, I am compelled to say just one thing:  Teachers are the most inspirational people I know.  In my session alone, 40 elementary school teachers and a handful of administrators were spending their Saturday morning learning how to help their students with reading and writing.

Think about this.

These teachers and administrators took their own personal time on a weekend to learn.  They could have spent the morning sleeping in, drinking coffee on the couch, tending to their own families, or doing a number of other things, but instead, they chose to work on improving their practice. Attendance at this conference (like most education conferences) was voluntary.  I continue to be inspired by teachers everyday.   Despite all the uninformed negative chatter out there about education in America, our teachers continue to push themselves to help better the education of their students.

In my new role as a school district TOSA/coach, I have many tasks that take me outside of the classroom in addition to my work inside classrooms.  When I accepted this new role a few months ago, I said to myself that I will never forget where I come from, and I will always remain grounded in the hard work that our teachers do everyday.  I want to reiterate this.  I will never ever forget who my customers are- our teachers.   I will always listen to their needs and make my decisions based on what's best for them.  If all of us who work in education just listen to teachers and do what's best for them in the classroom, we will ultimately be doing what's best for students.  Nothing is more important than that.

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