Monday, July 7, 2014

Teachers Write! 2014

I just finished my first writing session in this summer's Teachers Write!  Teachers Write is a summer time writing workshop for teachers who want to give their writing the full workshop experience.  

The workshop was founded by author Kate Messner, and is supported by authors Jo Knowles, Gae Polisner, and Jen Vincent.  During the next few weeks, teacher-authors are invited to participate in mini lessons, share our writing, and give each other feedback.  We'll also receive feedback, tips, and advice from Kate, Jo, Gae, Jen, and a slew of other authors.  

What I love about this summer workshop is that it is not about student writing.  Rather, it's about our own personal writing.  We are going to experience a bit of what our students go through in our classroom writing workshops.  By going through this process, we'll build a better appreciation for the writing process and empathy for our student writers.  However, I have to say my reasons are slightly more selfish.  I love to write, and am just thrilled to be a part of this community or authors, both published and novice!    

I'm taking a risk, and leaving my writing open for all to view- even in its raw stages.  I ask students to do this, so it's what I'm going to do as well through this process.  I'll work on my piece everyday and update my blog here periodically.  The thought of uninterrupted writing for the next month (and maybe longer) has me giddy!  Where will my story go?  How will my character develop?  The unknown is pretty exciting! 

Today's Mini Lesson from Kate

Today's inspiration from Jo

My Piece of Writing on Google Drive, which is not titled yet.

Here's my piece from today (which will be continually worked on and viewable using the link above):


  1. Love how you emphasized the sounds of the morning in writing about this moment in time. I can relate when waking up so early! Love laying in the enveloping comfort of the bed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the nice words, Craig! I'm having such a great time with our #TeachersWrite writing camp this summer- and it's only been two days! Now, I'm off to attempt my quick write for this morning.


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