Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#TCRWP on Twitter

For the past few months, I've been spreading the word about the greatness of Twitter (and Tweetdeck).  Rather than just say it's great, I'm going to illustrate it by giving examples of how it gives me the ability to be in many places at once.  

It's only day two of the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project (#TCRWP) June Writing Institute, and I am just filled to the brim with great new information, tips, know-how, and ideas to take back to my schools in Palo Alto.  Not only do I have ideas from my own experiences and the sessions I've attended first hand, but also I have loads of information from every workshop and session offered so far this week.  Twitter has given me this gift.  Twitter has allowed me to "attend" many of the sessions being held thanks to my fellow participants who are tweeting.

Rather than simply tell you all about it, in good writing fashion, I'm going to truly show you:

These are just a very small sample of some helpful tweets over the past couple days.  There are many more!  Check it out for yourself.  Don't miss out on all that there is to learn.  Friends, now is the time.  Twitter can be your tool to help you be in more than one place at a time.  I'm learning through all of my fellow Tweeters this week.  Thank you to all who are sharing!  Keep the information and dialogue coming!

With gratitude,

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