Thursday, January 9, 2014

Digital Publishing: Bringing Alcatraz to the World!

A few months ago, my colleague, Ellen Kraska (@KraskaE), asked if I'd like to apply to co-present at CUE Palm Springs.  Our topic would be sharing experiential learning (field trips in our case) with the masses through digital publishing.  I didn't even need to think twice.  I jumped at the chance to possibly present with Ellen!

We applied, our proposal was accepted, and now we're currently working on a digital publishing project with my fifth graders.  I introduced the project to my fifth graders on Monday.  They are creating a digital book about Alcatraz using iBooks Author.

It's been two days, and my students are already hooked on the project!  I'll write a more detailed version of everything we're doing as the lessons continue.  Also, Ellen and I will present the entire project at CUE Palm Springs in March!

Here are some images from the past two days:

Lesson introduction:  Students thought and chatted about
our Alcatraz field trip this past October.

Students then connected our writing workshop lessons
with our Alcatraz field trip.  What happened next was magic!

The research began!  These two students are
researching to write a chapter about famous inmates.

Whole group discussion to close our first day.

Students went through our shared pictures from the trip.  Many
of these images will be included in the book.

The research continues on day two.  These two students were
researching the privileges and punishments for inmates.

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  1. Wow! What a learning experience for the children ~~ to keep their minds to focus back on the event and write about it. A challenge for the teachers ~ a challenge of growth for the children.


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