Friday, September 13, 2013

We all have to laugh at ourselves sometimes...

I may regret this.

School should be highly academic, socially and emotionally enriching, and a place where children are encouraged to learn, wonder, and reflect.  Sometimes, the tone of a moment or the day just goes elsewhere, to a place one would never expect it to go.  We, teachers, can't be bastions of inspiration every moment of every day.  It's simply unrealistic.  Sometimes, things can just be unpredictable, shocking, and downright hilarious.  That's the reality of being in a classroom day to day.

Today after recess, one of my observant girls pointed out that I had three coffee cups on my table.  Don't even ask why I had three separate cups of coffee this morning.  So, we decided to have a little light-hearted fun with it.

See the picture below.  My students are currently in a photo caption writing contest!  I can't wait to see what they write.  Their captions will be posted next week. We all have to just laugh at ourselves sometimes...

Photo caption contest directions:  Write a caption for this picture that shows Miss Nosek after recess on Friday the 13th.