Sunday, September 29, 2013

Published Writing: On the wall, in a portfolio, and now on the web!

We're publishing!  After working in the writing workshop for a little over a month now, many of my student-authors have finished their first pieces.  Once a piece is finished, the author reads it to the class. Compliments are given, questions are asked, and the author is congratulated on publishing a piece of writing.  It is a huge deal.  Seeing the sense of pride on my students' faces when they receive a roaring round of applause from their peers after reading aloud a piece of their own writing is unlike anything else.  It is magical!

Published writing lives in four places in our classroom:
1) On the classroom writing wall, a space where all 24 students have a section to display their most recent work.
2) In each student-author's binder, which serves as a work portfolio.
3) In each student-author's Google drive account operated by our school district.
4) On our newest website: Room 20 Writers

So far, we only have four pieces published on the website.  After school tomorrow, there are sure to be more.  Please check back and feel free to give a compliment or ask a question to my student-authors in the comment section of their work. Of course, all comments are moderated.  My students are 10 and 11 years-old after all!  As you read their work, please know that this has been a true labor of love both for them and for me.  I am so proud of my authors!

Check out our writing celebration site, Room 20 Writers

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