Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Done!... No, you're not.

During writing workshop today, I decided to give an impromptu mini lesson.  Most of my students are finished with writing their first pieces, personal narratives about a small moment.  They have planned their stories, written, revised, conferred with peers, conferred with me, edited, and are now ready for publishing and printing.

For the first time this school year, I found myself in a position where seven students wanted to chat with me about putting the finishing touches on their narratives before printing.  There is one of me.  There are 24 of them.  This had to be addressed!  In came the impromptu mini lesson on what to do when you think you are done.  Sometimes we have to change plans and teach what is needed at that particular moment in time.  So, I scrapped the day's planned mini lesson and conducted an off the cuff mini lesson about what to do when you think you're done.

I grabbed a piece of chart paper, stuck it to the board, and wrote the following:

Writing Workshop:  "I'm Done!"
No, you're not!

I then asked students to share their ideas about what each of them could do in writing workshop when they felt they were finished with the piece they were writing.  They came up with the ideas pictured below on the chart:

After this impromptu mini lesson, students were back at it writing, conferring, discussing, revising, editing, and just completely engaging in the writing process.  All students were on task.  All students were immersed in their work.  We had a great workshop today!  Here are more images from this week's writing workshop sessions.  

Students writing and conferring with Google Drive.

Sharing toward the end of today's workshop.

Students' personal narrative pieces displayed in the classroom.

This is what our writing status board looked like at the end of today's workshop.

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